InSian Gallery


2003|Polychromed Aluminum, Coated Steel Chain |147x94x43.5 cm

Lobster presents its viewer with a dual experience: we are consumed by familiarity and nostalgia, summoning childhood memories of summers spent by the pool; at the same time, we sense the tension between the work’s physical appearance and what we know to be true about its material composition. Koons performs a metamorphosis on the present work, expertly and meticulously manipulating aluminum and polychrome to exactly resemble the texture and quality of plastic. From the pneumatic appearance of Lobster to the way its surface ripples and stretches at various points, all of the visual cues we receive communicate a message of air-filled lightness and soft plastic. Like so many of Koons’ most significant works, the present work is both playful and perplexing.

© Jeff Koons